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What is typically served during
a Sushi Omakase Experience?

Guest dining in the Cypress Room can expect fifteen to eighteen courses, which generally includes one to two light appetizers, thirteen to fifteen pieces of nigiri sushi, a cup of house-made Miso Soup, a handroll and a light dessert. Following dinner, guests are encouraged to order additional pieces of sushi and handrolls a la carte. Please note that almost all of our fish is served raw and with rice.

Does Tatsu Dallas offer parking?

There is plenty of Free Parking at Continental Gin Building after 5pm, but please be sure to park in the 2 hour parking spots if possible. 


If you park in the private area please make sure to pay – or else you may be booted.


Google Maps and other applications can sometimes direct you to streets with no access to the parking lot, so please be sure to select a route that approaches from Trunk Avenue in the South or Elm Street from the East.

What is your cancellation policy?

Tatsu Dallas uses Tock as our reservation platform. Seats purchased through Tock are generally non-refundable. 

That being said, we understand that the unexpected can occur. If you cannot join us, we first ask that you utilize Tock’s transfer service to transfer your reservation to a friend or family member. In the event you are unable to, Tatsu Dallas will generally refund purchases canceled FIVE calendar days in advance of a reservation. 

Our cancelation policy ensures that we can continue to serve the freshest fish possible and pay our suppliers and employees the wages we believe they deserve. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

How long will my Sushi Omakase Experience last?

Service will last precisely one hour and forty-five minutes. We strongly encourage guests to arrive fifteen minutes before your meal is scheduled to begin. We welcome guests to join us in our lounge for an after-dinner drink following their meal.

What if I arrive late?

While we will do our best to get late guests caught up with other diners, we cannot guarantee our full menu for guests who are more than fifteen minutes late. Please also note that as a courtesy to our other guests, your seating cannot be extended beyond the allotted time mentioned above. We encourage guests to leave plenty of time for travel and arrive early to their seating if possible.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Given the nature of our menu, Tatsu Dallas is limited in what dietary restrictions we can accommodate. Requests for kosher and dairy, shellfish or gluten free menus can be accommodated with 48 hours’ notice. Severe soy allergies cannot be accommodated due to the presence of soy throughout our menu. Unfortunately, we are not offering a vegan menu at this time and due to the importance of rice in Chef Tatsu's menu, no-carb diets cannot be accommodated.

Is photography allowed?

While we greatly appreciate our guests documenting their experiences, we ask that guests refrain from bringing large cameras into the dining room as they are a distraction to other customers. We kindly ask that guests document their experience on their mobile phones only.

Can I wear perfume or cologne to my meal?

We kindly ask guests to limit or leave off any heavily scented perfumes, colognes, and body lotions prior to joining us for your meal. Smell is an integral part of taste and we want you and the guests around to have the best experience possible.

Does Tatsu Dallas have a dress code?

While Tatsu Dallas does not enforce a dress code, most guests at Tatsu Dallas come dressed for a night out on the town. Guests dressed too casually may feel out of place. We encourage all guests to use their evening at Tatsu Dallas as an opportunity to dress to impress in a way that expresses their individual style and personality.


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Tatsu Dallas accepts reservations for parties or two or four via Tock at the link below. Reservations are released on the 1st and 15th of each month at 8 AM CST for the following two weeks. All reservations are prepaid via the Tock platform. For parties of up to ten (buyout), please contact us directly at the link below.

Open Tuesday - Saturday
Two seatings a day at 5:30 PM and 7:45 PM

We encourage guests to come in as early as 5pm early to enjoy a drink ahead of their meal.

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